Vero Pool provides swimming pool cleaning and maintenance to homes and properties located in Melbourne Beach, Sebastian, and Suntree areas. Our dedicated swimming pool technicians provide pool cleaning services on a weekly basis. Each week, Vero Pool will perform swimming pool vacuuming, pool tile cleaning, swimming pool pump filter emptying, water testing, adding necessary pool chemicals, water skimming, pool equipment inspection and more.

The people behind Vero Pool are what truly distinguishes us from out competitors. At Vero Pool our technicians are not just dedicated pool enthusiasts, they are chemists, mechanics, and problem solvers. We know how to keep your pool’s water blue and crystal clear!

We don’t charge more for pool chemicals, and we don’t resell used parts. We are dedicated to doing the job right and to the satisfaction of each of our customers.
In fact, we are so dedicated, we have a “Client Portal” that allows you to log in, check on your pool maintenance, pay your bill, set up recurring monthly billing, and verify we are doing a fantastic job!

VeroPool–The Pool Experts!

Your Swimming Pool


VeroPool technicians are pool enthusiasts! Keeping your pool water crystal clear is our passion!


Your pool is an important part of your family’s activities. VeroPool takes pool maintenance seriously. Because we have dedicated employees, and our custom Client Portal, you know your pool is safe!


The lifespan of your filter media can change! It’s important to recognize when the filter media needs to be replaced. VeroPool does it all: sand, cartridges, or grids!


There is a key to making sure your water is crystal clear: maintenance! VeroPool makes sure your pool’s walls are cleaned once a week, shocked, baskets emptied, and free of debris!

The Veropool Crew

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